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Green’s Notary Service: Trusted in El Paso County

Green’s Notary Service is your go-to choice for reliable notarization in El Paso County. Our experienced team ensures precise and trustworthy services for all your document needs. Seal with confidence – choose Green’s Notary Service for excellence in notarization.

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Customer Service

At Green’s Notary Service, we prioritize your satisfaction, making customer service a cornerstone of our business. Our commitment is reflected in:

Friendly and Courteous Signing Agents

COVID-19 protocols are observed during signings and social interactions

Flexible Scheduling

Timely Responsiveness

We value your time. Expect prompt and efficient responses from Green’s Notary Service, ensuring a hassle-free experience from inquiry to completion.

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Mobile Closing Services


 We ensure legal precision, providing a seamless and trustworthy experience for homebuyers.


Simplify your home refinance with our expert notary services. Let us handle the details, so you can confidently navigate the refinancing process.


Our seasoned professionals ensure a secure and streamlined process, tailored for homeowners accessing their equity.

Reverse Mortgage

Our experienced team ensures legal precision, providing a secure and streamlined process for homeowners seeking to unlock their home equity.

Seller's Closings

Smooth real estate transactions with Green’s. Accurate document execution for worry-free closings.

Auto Loans Signings

Simplify auto loan paperwork with Green’s. Convenient and reliable notarization for hassle-free financing.

Quit Claim Deeds

Effortless property transfers with Green’s. Experienced notaries ensure accurate and compliant document notarization.

Loan Applications

Expedite loan applications with Green’s. Professional and efficient notarization for accuracy and detail.

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I recently obtained services from Green Mobile Notary Services. Mr. Green was very pleasant and very helpful with my questions and needs. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and has a broad understanding of what is required according to your needs. His services are mobile and the great thing about that is that he meets you near were you live; which was a big help for me, especially if you don’t drive like me and my ride didn’t have to drive miles to get there. I highly recommend him without a doubt.

Josie Morales

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Your Trusted Partner for Seamless, Secure, and Legally Sound Notarizations.

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General Notary Services

01. Mobile Notary
02. Power of Attorney
03. Divorce Documents
04. Acknowledgements & Jurats
05. Courthouse Filings
06. Medical & Health Directives
07. Transfer of Car Title
08. Parental Consent Forms
09. Building Permit Filings

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